By enrolling in the energy savings program ("Program") that refers or links to this document, you agree to Ademco Inc.'s ("Resideo") EULA and Privacy Policy, as well as the Customer Letter of Acknowledgement below. Please ensure you read these three documents carefully and understand them before enrolling in the Program.

You further understand and agree that as part of your participation in the Program, Resideo will send and receive information about you (for example the information collected on the Program enrollment page), your thermostat (such as your thermostat runtime and enrollment status) and your energy usage (such as energy consumption information) to/from other companies that are involved in the operation of the Program such as your utility company, Program enrollment verification providers and other energy market participants (such as CPower, below) and administrators. These other companies act independently from Resideo and use the information they receive from Resideo as set out in their respective privacy policies.

Customer acknowledges that in order to participate in the Program, Customer's utility service company MetEd and/or Penelec (the "Utility") requires a Customer Usage Information Authorization form (the "Form") to be completed and submitted with Customer's information. Such Form is available at

By enrolling in the Program, Customer agrees as follows: "I hereby authorize my electric utility to act in my behalf for the purpose of obtaining information about my historical energy usage and billing information and consent to the release of same so that the Company named herein may evaluate my energy usage patterns and make me an offer to supply energy. The utility considers all customer usage information to be confidential. This authorization in no way binds me to the purchase of any service or product from the Company named herein and is to be used for the sole purpose of determining my offer price of electricity service or the provision of other energy-related services."

Customer hereby confirms that Customer has reviewed the Form and expressly authorizes Project Owner to complete the Form with Customer's information, as previously provided to Project Owner by Customer, and submit such form to Utility on Customer's behalf.